Here's What's New From the World of Concrete Convention

Impressive products were observed at the World of Concrete (January 17-19, 2017)

Shrinkfast heat tools and Vacuworx lifting systems offer highly innovative and useful technologies and products.

Benefits of Shrinkfast and Shrink Film:

  • Powerful and Safe (UL Approved)
  • Weatherproof protection
  • Tamper resistance
  • Outdoor storage capability
  • Open flatbed transportation
  • Construction and work site protection

Fast, easy handling of pipe, slab and plate is introduced by Vacuworx Lifting Systems. 

  • Half the man hours
  • Handles 10x more material than conventional methods
  • Helps complete projects ahead of schedule and under budget



See the systems in action in the video below:

Since 1999, Vacuworx has been engineering and manufacturing the highest quality heavy-duty lifting equipment for the oil and gas, water and sewer, highway and heavy construction, concrete construction, landscaping and manufacturing industries.

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