Meet Nancy!

Each team member at North Shore is a valuable asset to our company.

Nancy, North Shore Companies Office Manager

Nancy, North Shore Companies Office Manager

Nancy plays a key role in holding together day to day operations back at the office. Learn a little more about Nancy!

  1. What is your role at North Shore Companies?

    I am our Office Manager in Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. What is the best part about working at North Shore?

    The best part is the group of people I work with and how we work together. North Shore really thrives on teamwork.
  3. What do customers that you deal with say about North Shore?

    Customers are consistently pleased with North Shore and feel confident we will perform 100% for them. We take pride in our commitment to our customers, and we earn their trust!
  4. What sets North Shore apart from similar companies in the field?

    I believe the way we come together through communication and organization has made our team successful with our daily challenges. We are constantly changing to the meet the needs of our growing operation.
  5.  What is Steve H. like as a boss?

    He is wonderful to work for! I have experienced many different types of owners in my work history who do not see the value of their employees, and he is exactly the opposite. Steve works harder than anyone else and is very involved in the day to day tasks in running North Shore. 

Interested in learning how North Shore can meet your needs? Contact Nancy today at 440-835-1280.