Welcome Jeremy, New Driver Recruiter

North Shore is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jeremy Lee to Driver Recruiter.

Jeremy recently shared how he plans to smoothly bridge the gap between North Shore drivers and the home office in this newly created role.


What's your role at North Shore?
I am the new Driver Recruiter based in our Cleveland, Ohio office.

What makes working at North Shore unique? 
The most unique characteristic of the North Shore Experience is the feeling of total support. The employee is a primary focus. There is a kind of philosophy here that if the employee isn't happy, then the customer isn't going to be either. The company does its best to meet the daily needs of the driver to keep them moving down the road, because if the truck isn't moving, then nobody is going to succeed.

What issues are important to today's truck drivers?
To me, some of the most important issues for drivers today are:

  • Up-to-date top quality equipment

  • Information accuracy

  • A support system in the office that is ready to quickly address any issues that may arise

As a driver, what perspectives do you bring to your HR duties?
I can bridge the knowledge gap between the office and the drivers. Both job groups are important for the smooth operation of a transportation company, but they are vastly different skill sets which can often lead to misunderstandings when problems occur. I feel that I can be a valuable resource in preventing these potential issues early in the process, which should ease any tensions resulting thereof.

How would you describe the team at North Shore?
The team at North Shore is fantastic! Everyone works hard for the success of the whole operation. Everyone is willing to help each other out, or to jump in to solve a problem when others aren't available to do so themselves.

What is Steve like as a boss?
Steve is great boss! It's something that I have recognized from the moment I started working here as a driver three years ago. He is always very personable and willing to listen when employees have ideas for process improvements. He really makes you feel valued as a team member. 

Please join us in welcoming Jeremy to our team! For driver job inquires, please see our detailed job description and contact information.